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Integrated Calcium Imaging & Optogenetics


Measure & Manipulate Brain Circuit Dynamics

In vivo. Simultaneously. During behavior.

State-of-the-art for Demonstrating Causality

nVoke integrates simultaneous calcium (Ca2+) imaging with optogenetic manipulation into a miniature microscope that empowers scientists to causally link neural activity in specific cell-types and brain circuits in freely-behaving animals.  

  • Enables simultaneous Ca2+ imaging & optogenetic manipulation in freely moving animals   
  • Image cell activity for months with single-cell resolution 
  • Record the same field of view longitudinally with electronic focusing
  • Perform reproducible science with microscopes calibrated and tested in production
  • Integrate nVoke and multimodal inputs with automated control and precise timing 


nVoke integrates two LED light sources for simultaneous or sequential cellular resolution imaging using GCaMP indicators and red-shifted opsins* for temporally precise control of cells within the same field of view. Using common spectrally-matched indicator and opsin combinations*, you can now test multiple applications and causal relationships between Ca2+ dynamics and behavior.

* validated opsin/indicator combinations display minimal biological cross-talk with maximized signal-to-noise.  



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GCaMP6 + ChrimsonR
GCaMP6 + NpHR3.0/Jaws
GCaMP6 + NpHR3.0/Jaws
GCaMP6 + NpHR3.0/Jaws

nVoke AppInd.png  Calcium Indicator (GCaMP6)                 nVoke AppOpsin.png  Opsin (ChrimsonR, NpHR3.0, Jaws)                 *Sequential & Simultaneous                 1Somal Optogenetics                2Terminal Optogenetics

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nVoke in Action

nVoke Workflow for somal calcium imaging (GCaMP6) in striatal medium spiny neurons and terminal optogenetic inhibition of adjacent inhibitory interneurons (Left). Workflow from BLA-NAc pathway stimulation during place-preference behavioral paradigm (Right). 

Validated in vivo by Leading Circuit Neuroscientists

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Consumables & Accessories

We provide end-to-end solutions that will increase your speed and efficiency for successful calcium imaging, so you can spend more time pushing the boundaries of neuroscience. Learn more about our customized Inscopix solutions to facilitate your neural circuit science:

Data Processing Software

Data Processing Software

Our data processing software streamlines your analysis and turns your raw video data into insights fast!

  • Navigate intuitively through the processing workflow - no scripting expertise required

  • Focus on your science and see the full picture with integrated visualization of calcium movies, processing results, and behavioral videos

  • Export your data in formats compatible with other analysis tools including NWB (Matlab, Python), csv (Excel), and tif (ImageJ). Available for Windows, Mac, and Linux.

  • APIs: batch process your data with algorithms from Inscopix Data Processing Software in Matlab or Python

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iCare is our complete system repair and replacement expanded warranty program. iCare expands coverage to failures caused by an operator or animal subject (such as damaged cables or broken objectives) on a priority basis, with expedited shipment, and all costs included. iCare ensures that you experience minimal downtime between experiments and safeguards against unexpected maintenance costs.

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