Dr. Ashley Ingiosi Talk About Biology of Brain While Sleeping

A postdoctoral researcher in Marcos Frank's lab, she discusses her work examining astroglial biology in sleep and sleep…

Sushmitha Gururaj | September 29, 2020

Another product launch is upon us! We are excited to officially launch our new Multimodal Image Registration and Analysis (MIRA)…

Alice Stamatakis | July 8, 2020
MIRA Platform Fully Integrated MIRA Circuit 2P Microscope

Since this is my first blog post, I think a brief introduction is in order! I am currently the Director of Translational Science…

Jonathan Nassi | April 28, 2020
Enabling Circuit-Level Functional Readouts

Believe it or not, this post was on our editorial calendar way back in January, and not even in our wildest imagination had we…

Sushmitha Gururaj | March 31, 2020
Coffee Break with Walter Fischler

We're two months into 2020 and our beloved circuit neuroscience community has already served up so many treats that we're…

Sushmitha Gururaj | March 2, 2020

A deeper dive with photons

Recent breakthroughs in optical-based imaging in nonhuman primates promise to fundamentally advance our understanding of brain function and accelerate the development of…

Jonathan Nassi and Eric Trautmann | June 17, 2021
A deeper dive with photons

The Proview™ Express Probes Story

I’m excited to be writing for the blog again, this time to share my experiences at Inscopix working toward our goal of providing scientists with full solutions for…

Jonathan Nassi | February 25, 2021
The Proview™ Express Probes Story

Coffee Break with Dr. Sachin Patel

Our brain's ability to respond and adapt to stress is imperative to health, with dysfunctional neuroadaptation being a key trigger for development and exacerbation of a…

Sushmitha Gururaj | February 19, 2020
Coffee Break with Dr. Sachin Patel

Coffee Break with Dr. Gabriela J Martins

Our social skills pervade most aspects our life, defining our role in the family, workplace, society and beyond. People affected by Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) face…

Sushmitha Gururaj | December 17, 2019
Dr. Gabriela J Martins

SfN 2019: Moving into Non-Human Primates

Each year, more than 30,000 brain researchers come together at the Society for Neuroscience (SfN) annual meeting to present their latest research. 2012 was our first…

Kunal Ghosh | October 15, 2019

Coffee Break with Dr. Walter Fischler

The sense of smell is an evolutionarily primitive one, and the species that rely on it for survival are many. It isn't surprising, then, that a sophisticated…

Sushmitha Gururaj | October 8, 2019
Dr. Walter Fischler

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