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Making Great Science Happen Faster

With cutting-edge neurotechnologies from Inscopix, it’s time to accelerate your research. From experimental design to data analysis, from grant to manuscript submissions, our world-class scientific support team stands ready to assist you every step of the way - because we care about great science, just like you.

Meet Your Support Team

Alexia Thomas, PhD

Customer Support Scientist

Alexia supports the Inscopix community by providing technical support for upcoming and ongoing experiments. She received her PhD in Neuroscience from Baylor College of Medicine and conducted her postdoctoral training at SRI International, where she evaluated sleep/wake physiology across different rodent models of autism.

Debabrita Deb-Basu, PhD

Director of Customer Success

Debabrita coordinates scientists and engineers at our Palo Alto headquarters and in the field to drive customer success with Inscopix technologies, leading to high quality scientific research. Debabrita received a PhD in Cancer Biology from Wake Forest University, North Carolina, and conducted postdoctoral research in oncology at Stanford University.

Alexis Fedorchak, PhD

Application Support Scientist

Alexis provides technical support from Inscopix headquarters for all stages of the imaging process from setup through data analysis. She received a PhD in biomedical engineering (neural engineering & imaging emphasis) from a joint program between UC Berkeley and UCSF. There, she developed a method to interrogate dendritic computation in brain slices using a photoswitchable voltage-gated ion channel blocker.

Chris Tsang, PhD

Manager, Customer Engagement and Experience

Chris recently transitioned to Manager, Customer Engagement and Experience. Prior to this, Chris was a Regional Field Scientific Consultant Manager at Inscopix. He was the first person to join the Field Scientific Consultant team and, since joining, helped build the team to 10 Field Scientific Consultants based in the United States and Europe. Chris holds a PhD in Biochemistry from the University of Toronto and was a Postdoctoral Researcher at the University of California, Berkeley with a focus on neuroscience.


Shanna Resendez, PhD

Field Scientific Consultant Global Manager

Shanna uses her extensive expertise with Inscopix technologies to assist our community members with the design and execution of their circuit neuroscience experiments. She received her PhD in Neuroscience from the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor and conducted her postdoctoral training in Dr. Garret Stuber’s lab at UNC, Chapel Hill.

Jacqueline DeRose, PhD

Commercial Marketing Manager

Jackie leads the Inscopix Grant Assistance Program. She previously worked at SRI International where she directed in vivo microdialysis studies during sleep-wake cycle, neurodegeneration, and addiction. She received her Ph.D. in Neuroscience from the Pennsylvania State University College of Medicine and conducted her postdoctoral research at SRI International.

Vardhan Dani, PhD

Field Scientific Consultant

Vardhan is an expert in whole-cell patch-clamp electrophysiology, molecular tools, and in vivo imaging of neural circuit dynamics. Vardhan completed his PhD in Neuroscience in Dr. Sacha Nelson’s lab at Brandeis, followed by postdoctoral training at Stanford, MIT and BU. Vardhan’s research interests have focused on understanding synaptic transmission, plasticity, and neocortical circuit organization, both in health and in disease.

Morgana Favero, MD, PhD

Field Scientific Consultant

Morgana received her MD from University of Padova, Italy, and her PhD from University of Verona, Italy. She has conducted postdoctoral work at Drexel University and Children's Hospital of Philadelphia, where she has been studying cortical networks activity during different brain states and during epilepsy. She is an expert electrophysiologist and she has been using optogenetics to interfere with natural neuronal activity.

Kai-Siang Chen, PhD

Field Scientific Consultant

Kai-Siang received his PhD from the University of California at Berkeley. His doctoral research combined in vivo calcium imaging, electrophysiology , optogenetics, viral tracing and computational methods to study the neural circuits controlling sleep. He's also conducted neuroscience research at UCSF, MIT and University of Zurich. At Inscopix, Kai-Siang uses his extensive knowledge and experiences to provide scientific consultation for neural circuits research projects - from experimental designs, research execution, project management to data analysis.  

Jonathan Zapata, PhD

Field Scientific Consultant

Jonathan joined the Marie Curie International Research and Training Program "SyMBaD" funded by the EU. He received his PhD in Neuroscience from the University of Milan, Italy, and conducted his postdoctoral training in Dr. Nathalie Rouach's lab at the Collège de France in Paris combining in vivo imaging and in vivo electrophysiology in freely behaving mice. Jonathan is now working as Field Scientific Consultant South Europe at Inscopix.

Field Scientific Consultants

Our growing Field Scientific Consultant team of PhD level neuroscientists serve as scientific and technical consultants to your laboratory and ensure the success of your research projects with Inscopix neurotechnologies. Through site visits and online communication, our Field Scientific Consultants guide your lab in setting up the technology and in troubleshooting experimental and conceptual challenges so that can you get to new and deeper mechanistic insights into the brain with speed and scientific rigor. 

Accelerate Training Workshops

Our transdisciplinary team of neuroscientists and engineers conduct two-day training workshops at our Silicon Valley facilities to immerse new members in the workflow associated with Inscopix neurotechnologies.

The workshops include lectures and live demonstration of imaging in freely behaving animals with Inscopix miniature microscopes, and provide unique opportunities to network with members of our growing global neuroscience community. 

Online Knowledge Base


At Inscopix, our scientists accelerate your path to scientific discovery with the Inscopix platform by aggregating and sharing knowledge from our labs and the field through the online knowledge base.  

Through our portal, you can get  24/7 access to:

  • Detailed experimental protocols
  • Surgical videos
  • Databases of validated viruses and transgenic animals
  • System operation and maintainence user guides
  • Recommendations for compatible equipments

Grant Assistance Program

Interested in using Inscopix neurotechnologies for your next grant submission? Reach out and talk to our scientists about how our technology may give you that competitive edge needed to procure grant funding for your neural circuit research.


Apply now
Once you apply, our science team will contact you to set up a teleconference call. Our goal is to discuss your research and grant proposal and to evaluate the fit of our nVista or nVoke platforms for your specific aims.
Once we’ve had an opportunity to discuss your specific aims, we are happy to provide a letter of support tailored to your grant proposal.

Depending on your requirements, we can provide you with:

  • Protocols, specifications sheets, and best practices guidelines for nVista/nVoke 
  • Figures containing stock images of nVista/nVoke that includes images of the microscope, cable, and DAQ box
  • Peer-reviewed published resources that demonstrate feasibility of nVista/nVoke for your specific aims 
Yes. We are happy to provide you with a personalized quotation for nVista/nVoke, including detailed costs for consumables, warranty, and support. Depending on the need to scale your research, we are always open to discussing discount pricing.

What Our Users Are Saying

I have seen many “fancy” calcium imaging movies in talks and papers, but the idea of doing this myself seemed far-fetched. We had our first successful imaging last week, and I cannot credit Chris enough for his help along the way. He has literally been with us at every step to coach us through the surgeries and experimental design.

Jan Lui, PhD

Postdoc, Dr. Liqun Luo Lab

Stanford University

We have been using nVista from Inscopix for over three years, and while we are experienced, we have been very impressed with the hands on care and attention Shanna Resendez has given the laboratory in refining our technique to access deeper brain structures. We have learned many new tricks, and methods, that help us at each step of the process.

Michael Bruchas, PhD

Associate Professor

Washington University in St.Louis

Inscopix staff in the Grant Assistance Program are excellent. They have been  technically extremely helpful, communicating clearly and effectively what is possible, where there are limits that must be respected, and how best to utilize the established, new and developing technologies in our new projects. Their documentation, discussions and support are invaluable.

Simon Giszter, PhD


Drexel University

The last two days (of training workshop) have been most helpful in giving me a real beginning to end, meaningful view of how you make the process work, from designing the experiments all the way through doing the surgeries, and really implementing the experiments.

Michael Shwartz, PhD

Research Scientist, Dr. Tom Kilduff Lab

SRI International

My experience with Inscopix support team has been fantastic. I always received an quick and thoughtful evaluation of my problem which was always troubleshot in a matter of hours. I am a new user, but setting up the microscopes in the lab is much easier than I expected thanks to the extremely supportive team.

Antoine Besnard, PhD

Postdoc, Dr. Amar Sahay Lab


Lara Cardy is incredibly knowledgeable, helpful, and responsive.  She has come to my rescue several times— often in a time crunch— and I couldn’t be more thankful for her presence on the Inscopix team.  My PhD would have been quite a bit more stressful without Lara’s assistance and positive attitude!

Caitlin Vander Weele

Graduate Student, Dr. Kay Tye Lab


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