Model-based behavioral control can predict future states based on chosen actions

Akam T et al. | Neuron | November 4, 2020

Functional clusters track parallel processing in direct and indirect pathways

Shin JH et al. | PNAS | October 27, 2020

Mouse fMRI reveals affective computations in a corticolimbic loop

Kargl D et al. | eLife | October 20, 2020

Identification of a key cellular component of sleep homeostasis in mice

Ingiosi AM et al. | Current Biology | September 24, 2020
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Slow neuronal dynamics encode threat responses for emotional memory

Kennedy A et al. | Nature | September 16, 2020
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Microendoscopic calcium imaging of the primary visual cortex of behaving macaques

In vivo calcium imaging with genetically encoded indicators has recently been applied to macaque brains to monitor neural activities from a large population of cells…

Oguchi M et al. | Scientific Reports | August 23, 2021
Scientific Reports

Accumbens D2-MSN hyperactivity drives antipsychotic-induced behavioral supersensitivity

Antipsychotic-induced dopamine supersensitivity, or behavioral supersensitivity, is a problematic consequence of long-term antipsychotic treatment characterized by the…

Kruyer A et al. | Molecular Psychiatry | August 4, 2021

Optical deep-cortex exploration in behaving rhesus macaques

Non-human primates (NHPs) are important animal models for understanding higher brain functions relevant to complex human behaviors including cognition and motor control…

Matsuzaki M et al. | Nature Communications | August 2, 2021
Nature Communications

Miniature microscopes for manipulating and recording in vivo brain activity

Here we describe the development and application of miniature integrated microscopes (miniscopes) paired with microendoscopes that allow for the visualization and…

Stamatakis AM et al. | Microscopy | August 2, 2021

Complete representation of action space and value in all dorsal striatal pathways

The dorsal striatum plays a central role in the selection, execution, and evaluation of actions. An emerging model attributes action selection to the matrix and…

Weglage M et al. | Cell Reports | July 27, 2021
Cell Reports

Reverse optogenetics of G protein signaling by zebrafish non-visual opsin Opn7b for synchronization of neuronal networks

Opn7b is a non-visual G protein-coupled receptor expressed in zebrafish. Here we find that Opn7b expressed in HEK cells constitutively activates the Gi/o pathway and…

Karapinar R et al. | Nature Communications | July 23, 2021
Nature Communications

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Modulating D1 rather Yun S et al. | August 3, 2021

Overactive dopamine transmission in psychosis is predicted…

Transient dopamine Mendonça MD et al. | April 20, 2021

Dopamine neurons (DANs) in the substantia nigra pars…

Independent and distinct Manning EE et al. | March 3, 2021

Background Patients with obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD…

An endogenous opioid Castro DC et al. | February 10, 2021

Mu-opioid peptide receptor (MOPR) stimulation alters…