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Lenses & Viruses

Workflow Simplified

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ProViewᵀᴹ Integrated Lens

Use ProView Integrated Lenses in combination with our Ready-to-Image Viruses and simplify the surgical workflow for maximal imaging results.

  • Baseplate with attached GRIN lens enables efficient surgery
  • Reduces number of repeated surgical procedures
  • Enables successful and reproducible imaging across cohorts
Integrated Lens GIF

ProViewᵀᴹ Express Probe

Express Probe GIF
ProView Express Probes streamline the workflow to enable imaging a maximum number of cells in freely moving mice.

  • Virus-coated lens & baseplate reduces surgery to a single step
  • Enables cell type-specific, reproducible and consistent imaging across cohorts
  • Increases total GCaMP cell expression and imaging yield

Rigorously validated in vivo by leading circuit neuroscientists

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GRIN Lenses

Gradient Refractive Index (GRIN) Lenses are available for all of your miniscope and multiphoton imaging needs.

  • High quality GRIN lenses optimized for calcium imaging
  • A full range of lens sizes to image any brain region
  • Available for use in multiple animal models

Ready-to-Image (RTI) Virus

The only commercially available GcAMP6 virus that is functionally validated for all Inscopix miniscope applications.
  • GCaMP viruses optimized for several brain regions
  • Ensures consistent and reproducible GCaMP6 expression 
  • Available in ready-to-inject aliquots for immediate use

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