Coupled Insights.

The relationship between blood flow and neuronal activity has never been easier to study than now with our nVueTM System, a complete image acquisition and analysis platform that enables simultaneous dual color imaging of these two brain signals.

  • Record neuronal activity and blood flow simultaneously over months

  • Measure vessel dilation/constriction and  extract neuronal activity 

  • Investigate blood flow dynamics in cortical or deep brain regions

blood flow application

Blood Flow Dynamics Data Processing

Blood Flow Dynamics Data Processing

Streamline your miniscope data analysis with Inscopix Data Processing Software, a complete validated pipeline for navigating miniscope blood flow and Ca2+ imaging data; no scripting expertise required.

  • Identify unique cells and extract Ca2+ traces automatically using PCA/ICA or Inscopix CNMFe
  • Measure change in vessel diameter
  • Perform longitudinal registration to identify the same cells over days

The nVue System

The nVue system enables dual color imaging of two distinct brain signals in freely-behaving animals, empowering researchers with greater neural circuit insights in function and behavior.

The nVue system is simply amazing because it allows us to refine our understanding of the effects of a neuroprotective compound on the two major neuronal pathways in the basal ganglia.

Kelly Tan

Biozentrum, University of Basel

The Complete Solution

Our end-to-end solutions enable you to manipulate and measure neural circuit dynamics during free behavior to help you make your next breakthrough!

Calcium Imaging Dynamics and Optogenetics

Lenses & Viruses

Our advanced workflow solutions include fully integrated GRIN lenses with virus to simplify the workflow to single step or individually optimized viruses and lenses to accelerate your circuit neuroscience research.


From experimental design to data analysis, from grant to manuscript submissions, our world-class scientific support team stands ready to assist you every step of the way.

nVue System

The nVue system enables dual color imaging of two distinct cell populations in freely-behaving animals, empowering researchers with greater neural circuit insights in function and behavior. 

Software & Analysis

We offer a comprehensive range of options to acquire and process raw calcium imaging videos with your Inscopix system purchase.

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