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Calcium Imaging During Natural Behavior

Image Large-scale Brain Circuit Dynamics

In vivo. At cellular resolution. In real time. 

nVista Workflow

  1. Neurons of interest are genetically modified to express GCaMP6, a biological sensor of neural activity.

  2. A GRIN lens, essentially a glass needle, is then surgically implanted through the skull (not shown) and brain tissue to enable optical access to the GCaMP6-expressing neurons.

  3. Next, a baseplate is installed on the skull to serve as a docking site for the miniature microscope.

  4. Finally, the miniature microscope is installed onto the base plate to interface with the optical needle.

nVista Advantages

The head-mounted nVista miniature microscope enables one-photon epifluorescence imaging of calcium dynamics, a correlate of neural activity :  
  • Image cell activity with single-cell resolution in freely-behaving animals
  • Perform reproducible science with microscopes calibrated and tested in production
  • Record the same field of view longitudinally with electronic focusing
  • Integrate nVista and multimodal inputs with automated control and precise timing  


Specific, Stable, Scalable

Validated by 100+ publications in top-tier journals, nVista is emerging as the gold standard for in vivo imaging of brain circuit dynamics

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What's New with nVista

Calcium imaging with nVista now made easier: 

  • Electronic focusing: easily return to and image the same field of view over months with software-controlled electronic focusing. No manual intervention required. 
  • Multimodal integration: precisely integrate nVista imaging with behavior recordings, ephys, and other modalities through automated control 
  • Remote control and data streaming: remotely control microscopes and stream data through our web-based acquisition software. 
Whats new

The MIRA Platform

The Inscopix Multimodal Image Registration and Analysis (MIRA) platform enables multimodal data collection and registration of unique cells across data sets to integrate freely-behaving calcium imaging data with high-resolution multicolor data, enabling new functional discoveries in circuit neuroscience.

  • Combine the power of freely-behaving imaging with the precision of laser scanning microscopes 
  • Collect more information about the cells of interest with dual-color imaging
  • Compare calcium activity between freely-behaving and head-fixed conditions
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Consumables & Accessories

We strive to provide everything you need to accelerate your experiments so that you can spend more time engaging with the data. Learn about our growing portfolio of solutions for circuit neuroscience, including ready-to-image viruses and GRIN lenses for all brain regions.

Data Processing Software

Data Processing Software

Our data processing software transforms raw video data into neural activity insights! 

  • Intuitive Interface: Streamline your analysis with our complete & validated pipeline to extract traces and events from your longitudinal recordings. 

  • Integrated Visualization: See the full picture simultaneously through integrated visualization of your calcium movies, traces and events, and behavioral recordings. 

  • APIs: Process your data with algorithms from Inscopix Data Processing Software in Matlab or Python.

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