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Inscopix Webinars

This is our virtual hub of scientific content to foster engagement and support the neuroscience community. Enjoy watching!

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Inscopix Product Videos

Whether you're a new user or an experienced miniscope-er getting more creative, we're always creating video resources such as product tutorials and animated workflows to help with your research. Watch these videos to learn about the complete Inscopix solution!

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Inscopix Data Videos

We've taken the guesswork out of your Inscopix miniscope experiments by collecting data from both in-house Inscopix scientists as well as our users, from various brain regions and during various freely-moving behavioral paradigms. Watch these snippets of data to envision results from your own experiments! 

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Inscopix Community Profiles and Interviews

We recognize that successful neuroscience can change the world, one disease at a time. Our conversations with the neuroscience community aim to spread public awareness about circuit neuroscience and its implications for understanding and treating brain disorders. Watch these videos documenting interviews with heads of disease and science foundations, pharma/biotechs, scientific journals, governmental agencies, and key researchers in academia. 

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Podcast Series

We've interviewed leaders in neuroscience to talk about the latest in their fields of neuroscience and neurotechnology, so you can get to know your favorite neuroscientists better! These pods are our conversations with some amazing neuroscientists and thought leaders, including Drs Krishna Shenoy, Tom Insel, Ed Callaway, Carla Shatz, Surya Ganguli and more!
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