CRF in BNST influences pain experience and behavior in a gender specific manner

Yu W et al. | Scientific Reports | June 14, 2021

LoTRA- a versatile algorithm for analyzing time-series data

Chomiak T et al. | NPJ Parkinson's Disease | November 9, 2021

DGCs' activity predicts auditory decisions after task learning

Shen J et al. | Scientific Reports | July 13, 2021

lVTA Vgat and Vglut2 projections onto dmCINs influence aversive stimuli…

Rizzi G et al. | Cell Reports | March 16, 2021

 Genetic identity of taste perceiving neurons

Jarvie BC et al. | Nature Communications | January 11, 2021
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A neuronal signature for monogamous reunion

Pair-bond formation depends vitally on neuromodulatory signaling within the nucleus accumbens, but the neuronal dynamics underlying this behavior remain unclear. Using 1…

Scribner JL et al. | PNAS | May 7, 2020

Visualization and correction of social abnormalities-associated neural ensembles in adult MECP2 duplication mice

  Duplications of MECP2-containing genomic segments led to severe autistic symptoms in male. Transgenic mice overexpressing the human MECP2 gene exhibit autistic-like…

Sun L et al. | Science Bulletin | April 26, 2020

FGCaMP7, an Improved Version of Fungi-Based Ratiometric Calcium Indicator for In Vivo Visualization of Neuronal Activity

  Genetically encoded calcium indicators (GECIs) have become a widespread tool for the visualization of neuronal activity. As compared to popular GCaMP GECIs, the…

Barykina NV et al. | International Journal of Molecular Sciences | April 24, 2020

Multiple Maps of the Same Spatial Context Can Stably Coexist in the Mouse Hippocampus

Hippocampal place cells selectively fire when an an- imal traverses a particular location and are consid- ered a neural substrate of spatial memory. Place cells were…

Sheintuch L et al. | Current Biology | April 20, 2020

Vesicular GABA-transporter neurons in the zona incerta are maximally active during non rapid-eye movement (NREM) and rapid-eye movement (REM) sleep

Sleep and wake are opposing behavioral states controlled by the activity of specific neurons. The neurons responsible for sleep/wake control have not been fully…

Blanco-Centurion C et al. | | April 17, 2020

Head-mounted microendoscopic calcium imaging in dorsal premotor cortex of behaving rhesus macaque

A major effort is now underway across the brain sciences to identify, characterize and manipulate mesoscale neural circuits in order to elucidate the mechanisms…

Bollimunta A et al. | PNAS | April 13, 2020

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Modulating D1 rather Yun S et al. | August 3, 2021

Overactive dopamine transmission in psychosis is predicted…

Transient dopamine Mendonça MD et al. | April 20, 2021

Dopamine neurons (DANs) in the substantia nigra pars…

Independent and distinct Manning EE et al. | March 3, 2021

Background Patients with obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD…

An endogenous opioid Castro DC et al. | February 10, 2021

Mu-opioid peptide receptor (MOPR) stimulation alters…