Our Impact

Our work will affect the future health of our friends, family and, perhaps, ourselves. By joining Inscopix, you will contribute to the neuroscience research community that is on a mission to treat, prevent and cure a wide spectrum of neurological and psychiatric diseases.

Together, we can make a difference in the studies of  Alzheimers, depression, chronic pain, migraines, and more.

Why Inscopix

  • Innovations at Inscopix

    We efficiently play on each others' strengths to innovate. Team members put aside their own projects to rally behind other team members in an effort to help us all accomplish deadlines and keep technology cutting edge.

    David Cheng, Senior Research Associate
    Mountain View, California, U.S.
  • Morgana Favero

    The people at Inscopix are committed to helping each other and our mission to empower discoveries in neuroscience. We're a small company so it's easy to follow what is happening in other departments and feel connected to everyone.

    Morgana Favero, Field Scientific Consultant Manager - Remote - U.S.
    Remote - U.S.
  • Braden Neufeld

    I’m proud to tell people I work at Inscopix because we’re not just a group of engineers manifesting solutions. We’re a collective of scientists, builders, researchers, inventors and more that provide an unparalleled perspective and vision.

    Braden Neufeld, Software Engineer
    Vancouver, B.C

Benefits and Perks

Enjoy comprehensive health and wellness benefits and perks such as:

401k plan & Stock options

No-cost health plans with low-cost family plans

Generous time-off programs

Health and wellness benefits

Life at Inscopix

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