Neuromodulation and Challenges Facing Translational Neuroscience

In the next video of our Neurovox series, we feature Kip Ludwig, PhD, Associate Director, Mayo Neural Engineering Laboratories. Kip runs a research lab in bioelectronic…

Jami L. Milton | April 26, 2017

Inscopix in the News! Check Out Our Miniature Microscope Technology

Bloomberg visited Inscopix laboratories and made this fantastic video of our miniature microscope technology. Check out how our technology reads brain activity in real

Inscopix | April 19, 2017

Seven Neuroscience Experts Give Career Advice

We asked seven neuroscience experts for their advice to anyone desiring to make their mark, either at the research bench or outside of academia. Much of what they said…

Jami L. Milton | April 18, 2017

Neuroscientists Identify Brain Circuit Necessary for Memory Formation

When we visit a friend or go to the beach, our brain stores a short-term memory of the experience in a part of the brain called the hippocampus. Those memories are later…

Anne Trafton | April 10, 2017

The Importance of Studying Neural Circuits for Understanding Psychiatric Disorders

In another segment of our Neurovox series, Vania Cao, PhD, interviews Amar Sahay, PhD, an Assistant Professor at Massachusetts General Hospital, Center of Regenerative…

Jami L. Milton | April 4, 2017

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