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Who We Are

Inscopix has developed technology that is empowering breakthroughs in neuroscience. Our vision is to drive new treatments to dramatically improve the health and well-being of people suffering from debilitating brain and nervous system disorders. The Inscopix platform and data will enable advances in conditions including Alzheimers, Parkinson’s, psychiatric disorders, chronic pain, and addiction. 

Inscopix Impact 

Therapeutic development for brain disorders is the longest, costliest, and riskiest of all diseases, with only 6% of candidate therapies obtaining FDA approval. The high failure rate is largely due to the inability to understand the efficacy of the therapies. Our brain mapping technology is changing that. We’ve placed 1,000+ brain mapping systems in over 400 neuroscience laboratories which has resulted in breakthroughs in the research of the brain circuits of memory, cognition, motor control, and sensory processes.

Our Approach

We accelerate breakthroughs in brain science by empowering investigators with cutting-edge neurotechnologies, powerful data analytics, and world-class scientific support. The following three principles shape our business approach and culture:


Science first

We innovate and develop neurotechnologies keeping their scientific impact in sharp focus. We do what ever it takes to make our users scientifically successful as they apply our technologies to some of the most challenging questions in neuroscience.


Vertical Integration

We design, test, integrate, and manufacture our neurotechnologies in-house. We also train, educate, and support our users. We firmly believe that vertical integration is the best entrepreneurial mechanism for thoughtful democratization of our neurotechnologies.


Team Science

We maximize value for scientific discovery by advancing in close partnership with researchers. We enlist top investigators to guide and validate our technological development and support our users with the collective intellect of our transdisciplinary team.

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In 2016, Inscopix was ranked #61 on Deloitte’s Technology Fast 500™, a ranking of the 500 fastest growing technology and media companies in North America.

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In 2015, the World Economic Forum recognized Inscopix as a Technology Pioneer, an honor that it bestows on a selection of the world’s most innovative young companies.

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In 2014, the White House recognized Inscopix as an industry partner of the Presidential BRAIN Initiative. Inscopix supported the initiative through its $2 million DECODE Grant Program.

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In 2013, The Scientist magazine ranked Inscopix’s miniature microscope as the #1 life science innovation, calling it a “major disruptive event in the history of neuroscience”.

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A Brief History of Inscopix



Inscopix launches nVista, a commercial grade miniature microscope-based brain imaging system for plug-and-play neural activity mapping at the Society for Neuroscience (SfN) Meeting.

Building the infrastructure

Inscopix builds its manufacturing facility at the Palo Alto headquarters and biological R&D labs in Mountain View for application development, training, and scientific research.


Inscopix starts building end-to-end solutions around the miniature microscope technology with the launch of Mosaic data analysis software.

A growing user base

Inscopix community grows to over 100 laboratories across the globe. These include 6 Nobelists and 23 HHMI investigators. First research article outside the founders lab is published in the top-tier journal Cell.

Series A, nVoke

Inscopix raises $10M in a Series financing round led by Playground Ventures. The company launches a second product, nVoke, for integrated brain activity imaging and manipulation at SFN Meeting.

Scaling Up

The team grows to 60 FTEs and the user base expands to over 250 laboratories with over 425 systems in the field. The Inscopix community publishes 20 original research papers in top-tier journals.

Launching New Systems

Inscopix launches nVista 3.0 and nVoke 2.0 compatible with a new commutator. Currently over 50 peer-reviewed original research articles published using Inscopix technology, with 2 publications using nVoke. We also launched ready-to-image viruses!

Translational efforts begin

Launched two pharma collaborations with Biogen (in the area of chronic pain) and Astellas (in the area of psychiatric disorders). Successfully translated Inscopix platform into non-human primate models.


Inscopix is founded by Drs. Kunal Ghosh, Mark Schnitzer, and Abbas El Gamal to commercialize the Stanford miniature microscope invention. The company receives seed financing from Floodgate and Fidelity Biosciences.

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