NEUROSCIENCE / MICROSCOPY / OPTOGENETICS: New technologies for neuroimaging at Neuroscience 2012

The neurotechnology industry—comprising devices, diagnostics, and drugs targeting the brain and the rest of the nervous system—grew 5.6% in 2011 to $158.6 billion in…

Inscopix | February 11, 2012 News

Inscopix Inc. and SRI International to Collaborate on Brain Imaging R&D

PALO ALTO Calif., Oct. 12, 2012 - Inscopix, Inc. and SRI International today announced a collaborative neuroscience imaging R&D program. Researchers from Inscopix…

Inscopix | December 10, 2012 News

The View From Here

Unbounded creativity—and powerful computers—make possible the latest devices designed to peer into the deepest recesses of organs and cells.

Inscopix | October 10, 2012 News

Rendering the brain-behavior link visible

In vivo imaging scientists broadcast from inside the brains of moving animals.

Inscopix | November 10, 2011 News

Fingertip-size microscope has huge potential for studying the brain and its diseases, say Stanford researchers

A readily portable miniature microscope weighing less than 2 grams and tiny enough to balance on your fingertip has been developed by Stanford University researchers.

Inscopix | September 17, 2011 News

Next Generation: All-In-One In Vivo Scope

Researchers package a fluorescence microscope—including the light and camera—that can image the brain of a freely moving mouse.

Inscopix | September 16, 2011 News

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