Neuroscience 2014 Program

Inscopix will be at Neuroscience 2014 in Washington DC! There will be several opportunities to learn about Inscopix and the new paradigm in neuroscience that Inscopix is…

Scott Norviel | October 6, 2014

Inscopix Hosts Inaugural ACCELERATE Workshop

At Inscopix, our goal is to advance the state of neuroscience research and enable breakthroughs in the understanding of how the brain works by pairing cutting edge…

Vania Cao | July 24, 2014 Blog

Neuroscience 2013 Satellite Symposium

Deciphering the Neural Circuit Basis of Brain Disease via In Vivo Imaging and Optogenetics OPEN TO PUBLIC At Neuroscience 2013 Inscopix is pleased to host an esteemed…

Inscopix | April 11, 2013 News

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