Perspectives on Calcium Movie Storage and a Call for a New Standard: HDF5

In this post, we discuss a modern challenge of neuroscience: Data storage. We discuss the issue of current storage formats and propose a new DE FACTO standard: The HDF5…

Jerome Lecoq | February 27, 2014

Neuronal Identity Matters: Genes, Structure, and Function

An exploration of the complexities of defining neuronal identity and why function is its final arbiter Neuroscience Everywhere These are phenomenal times for…

Dr. Pushkar Joshi | February 13, 2014

Neuroscience 2013 Satellite Symposium

Deciphering the Neural Circuit Basis of Brain Disease via In Vivo Imaging and Optogenetics OPEN TO PUBLIC At Neuroscience 2013 Inscopix is pleased to host an esteemed…

Inscopix | April 11, 2013 News

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