CRF in BNST influences pain experience and behavior in a gender specific manner

Yu W et al. | Scientific Reports | June 14, 2021

LoTRA- a versatile algorithm for analyzing time-series data

Chomiak T et al. | NPJ Parkinson's Disease | November 9, 2021

DGCs' activity predicts auditory decisions after task learning

Shen J et al. | Scientific Reports | July 13, 2021

lVTA Vgat and Vglut2 projections onto dmCINs influence aversive stimuli…

Rizzi G et al. | Cell Reports | March 16, 2021

 Genetic identity of taste perceiving neurons

Jarvie BC et al. | Nature Communications | January 11, 2021
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Heterogeneous Habenular Neuronal Ensembles during Selection of Defensive Behaviors

Optimal selection of threat-driven defensive behaviors is paramount to an animal’s survival. The lateral habenula (LHb) is a key neuronal hub coordinating behavioral…

Lecca S et al. | Cell Reports | June 9, 2020

Sparse Activity of Hippocampal Adult-Born Neurons during REM Sleep Is Necessary for Memory Consolidation

The occurrence of dreaming during rapid eye movement (REM) sleep prompts interest in the role of REM sleep in hippocampal-dependent episodic memory. Within the mammalian…

Kumar D et al. | Neuron | June 4, 2020

General anesthetics activate a potent central pain-suppression circuit in the amygdala

General anesthesia (GA) can produce analgesia (loss of pain) independent of inducing loss of consciousness, but the underlying mechanisms remain unclear. We hypothesized…

Hua T et al. | Nature Neuroscience | May 18, 2020

Trajectory-modulated hippocampal neurons persist throughout memory-guided navigation

Trajectory-dependent splitter neurons in the hippocampus encode information about a rodent’s prior trajectory during performance of a continuous alternation task. As…

Kinsky NR et al. | Nature Communications | May 15, 2020

High-Throughput Task to Study Memory Recall During Spatial Navigation in Rodents

Spatial navigation is one of the most frequently used behavioral paradigms to study memory formation in rodents. Commonly used tasks to study memory are labor-intensive…

Morales L et al. | Frontiers in Behavioral Neuroscience | May 15, 2020

Ca2+ imaging of neurons in freely moving rats with automatic post hoc histological identification

Background Cognitive neuroscientists aim to understand behavior often based on the underlying activity of individual neurons. Recently developed miniaturized…

Anner P et al. | Journal of Neuroscience Methods | May 11, 2020

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Modulating D1 rather Yun S et al. | August 3, 2021

Overactive dopamine transmission in psychosis is predicted…

Transient dopamine Mendonça MD et al. | April 20, 2021

Dopamine neurons (DANs) in the substantia nigra pars…

Independent and distinct Manning EE et al. | March 3, 2021

Background Patients with obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD…

An endogenous opioid Castro DC et al. | February 10, 2021

Mu-opioid peptide receptor (MOPR) stimulation alters…