CRF in BNST influences pain experience and behavior in a gender specific manner

Yu W et al. | Scientific Reports | June 14, 2021

LoTRA- a versatile algorithm for analyzing time-series data

Chomiak T et al. | NPJ Parkinson's Disease | November 9, 2021

DGCs' activity predicts auditory decisions after task learning

Shen J et al. | Scientific Reports | July 13, 2021

lVTA Vgat and Vglut2 projections onto dmCINs influence aversive stimuli…

Rizzi G et al. | Cell Reports | March 16, 2021

 Genetic identity of taste perceiving neurons

Jarvie BC et al. | Nature Communications | January 11, 2021
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Decreasing striatopallidal pathway function enhances motivation by energizing the initiation of goal-directed action

Altered dopamine D2 receptor (D2R) binding in the striatum has been associated with abnormal motivation in neuropsychiatric disorders, including schizophrenia. Here, we…

Poyraz FC et al. | The Journal of Neuroscience | June 1, 2016

Calcium imaging of basal forebrain activity during innate and learned behavio

The basal forebrain (BF) plays crucial roles in arousal, attention, and memory, and its impairment is associated with a variety of cognitive deficits. The BF consists of…

Harrison TC et al. | Frontiers in Neural Circuits | May 9, 2016

Neurons for hunger and thirst transmit a negative-valence teaching signal

Homeostasis is a biological principle for regulation of essential physiological parameters within a set range. Behavioural responses due to deviation from homeostasis…

Betley JN et al. | Nature | April 27, 2016

Large-scale fluorescence calcium-imaging methods for studies of long-term memory in behaving mammals

During long-term memory formation, cellular and molecular processes reshape how individual neurons respond to specific patterns of synaptic input. It remains poorly…

Jercog P et al. | Cold Spring Harbor Perspectives In Biology | April 5, 2016

Direct imaging of hippocampal epileptiform calcium motifs following kainic acid administration in freely behaving mice

Prolonged exposure to abnormally high calcium concentrations is thought to be a core mechanism underlying hippocampal damage in epileptic patients; however, no prior…

Berdyyeva TK et al. | Frontiers in Neuroscience | February 29, 2016

Calcium imaging of sleep–wake related neuronal activity in the dorsal pons

The dorsal pons has long been implicated in the generation of rapid eye movement (REM) sleep, but the underlying circuit mechanisms remain poorly understood. Using cell-…

Cox J et al. | Nature Communications | February 25, 2016

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Modulating D1 rather Yun S et al. | August 3, 2021

Overactive dopamine transmission in psychosis is predicted…

Transient dopamine Mendonça MD et al. | April 20, 2021

Dopamine neurons (DANs) in the substantia nigra pars…

Independent and distinct Manning EE et al. | March 3, 2021

Background Patients with obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD…

An endogenous opioid Castro DC et al. | February 10, 2021

Mu-opioid peptide receptor (MOPR) stimulation alters…