CRF in BNST influences pain experience and behavior in a gender specific manner

Yu W et al. | Scientific Reports | June 14, 2021

LoTRA- a versatile algorithm for analyzing time-series data

Chomiak T et al. | NPJ Parkinson's Disease | November 9, 2021

DGCs' activity predicts auditory decisions after task learning

Shen J et al. | Scientific Reports | July 13, 2021

lVTA Vgat and Vglut2 projections onto dmCINs influence aversive stimuli…

Rizzi G et al. | Cell Reports | March 16, 2021

 Genetic identity of taste perceiving neurons

Jarvie BC et al. | Nature Communications | January 11, 2021
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Hippocampal Place Fields Maintain a Coherent and Flexible Map across Long Timescales

To provide a substrate for remembering where in space events have occurred, place cells must reliably encode the same positions across long timescales. However, in many…

Kinsky NR et al. | Current Biology | November 1, 2018

Parabrachial CGRP Neurons Establish and Sustain Aversive Taste Memories

Animals have innate preferences for tastes accompanying calorically rich foods and aversions to tastes associated with potentially spoiled or toxic foods. In addition,…

Chen JY et al. | Neuron | October 18, 2018

Touch and Tactile Neuropathic Pain Sensitivity Are Set by Corticospinal Projections

Current models of somatosensory perception emphasize transmission from primary sensory neurons to the spinal cord and on to the brain1,2,3,4. Mental influence on…

Liu Y et al. | Nature | September 12, 2018

Calcium Transient Dynamics of Neural Ensembles in the Primary Motor Cortex of Naturally Behaving Monkeys

To understand brain circuits of cognitive behaviors under natural conditions, we developed techniques for imaging neuronal activities from large neuronal populations in…

Kondo T et al. | Cell Reports | August 21, 2018

Simultaneous Optogenetics and Cellular Resolution Calcium Imaging During Active Behavior Using a Miniaturized Microscope

The ability to precisely monitor and manipulate neural circuits is essential to understand the brain. Advancements over the last decade in optical techniques such as…

Stamatakis AM et al. | Frontiers in Neuroscience | July 24, 2018

Dorsal tegmental dopamine neurons gate associative learning of fear

Functional neuroanatomy of Pavlovian fear has identified neuronal circuits and synapses associating conditioned stimuli with aversive events. Hebbian plasticity within…

Groessl F et al. | Nature Neuroscience | June 27, 2018

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Modulating D1 rather Yun S et al. | August 3, 2021

Overactive dopamine transmission in psychosis is predicted…

Transient dopamine Mendonça MD et al. | April 20, 2021

Dopamine neurons (DANs) in the substantia nigra pars…

Independent and distinct Manning EE et al. | March 3, 2021

Background Patients with obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD…

An endogenous opioid Castro DC et al. | February 10, 2021

Mu-opioid peptide receptor (MOPR) stimulation alters…