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Giving back

At Inscopix, we stand on the shoulders of giants every single day. We owe an unrequitable debt to pioneering neuroscientists who make groundbreaking discoveries, to trainees who work tirelessly to push the frontiers of neuroscience, and to governments and non-profits across the globe for their visionary investments in curiosity driven research. We make humble efforts to give back to this magnificent community through the philanthropic and outreach programs described here.

DECODE Grant Program

DECODE Awards Ceremony, Nov 2014, Washington, DC. DECODE Awardees with Guest of Honor, the then NIMH Director, Dr. Thomas Insel (center), Inscopix CEO, Dr. Kunal Ghosh, and Scientific co-founder, Dr. Mark Schnitzer (Far Left).
DECODE stands for Deciphering the Neural Circuit Basis of Disease. In 2014, Inscopix established the $2 Million DECODE Grant Program, to support President Obama’s “All Hands on Deck” call to action for the BRAIN Initiative. The scientific mission of the program is to accelerate the discovery of circuit-based biomarkers of brain diseases. 12 investigators  were selected by an all-star panel of basic and translational neuroscientists and awarded in-kind grants of Inscopix’s brain imaging systems, training workshops, and scientific support.
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In 2016, Inscopix convened the DECODE Summit to reflect on the progress made by the DECODE Awardees and to foster a focused discussion with thought leaders on the promise and challenges of translating circuit-level research insights into breakthrough diagnostics, treatments, and cures for brain disorders. The Summit was attended by top leadership from academia, industry, government, and the non-profit sector who participated through scientific presentations, keynote panels, and breakout sessions.

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Supporting One Mind Rising Star Awardees

Congratulations to Dr. Susanne Ahmari, winner of the 2018 One Mind / Janssen Rising Star Translational Research Award with an Inscopix technology supplement. Dr. Ahmari intends to use the technology supplement grant, comprising our state-of-the-art nVoke miniature microscope system, to map patterns of neural activity related to compulsive behaviors in mouse models of OCD.
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Podcast Series


As a contribution to the scientific community, we interviewed leaders in neuroscience to talk about the latest in the field, including  neurotechnology, engineering and psychiatry. In the podcasts, we also learn a bit about the leader's science, the state of neuroscience, mentoring, advice they'd like to give, and some personal stories. We had the great honor of interviewing Drs. Krishna Shenoy, Tom Insel, Ed Callaway, Carla Shatz, Surya Ganguli, Christof Koch, Cori Bargmann, Ed Boyden, Kafui Dzirasa, and most recently Greg Scherrer.


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The NeuroVox series is an initiative by Inscopix scientists to spread public awareness about circuit neuroscience and its implications for understanding and treating brain disorders. The series features interviews with heads of disease and science foundations, pharma/biotechs, scientific journals, governmental agencies, and key researchers in academia. 

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Neuroscience + Art

Advancing the neuroscience revolution will require scientists and engineers. It will also require artists who can capture the dazzling beauty and complexity of the brain and communicate the importance of neuroscience research to the lay public through their creations. Inscopix supports neuroscientists in this mission by financially supporting their artistic endeavors and by giving them visibility at the highest levels.


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