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Deep Brain Stimulation via Temporally Interfering Electric Fields

Must-Read Neural Circuit Papers in June 2017

Posted By : Jami L. Milton | June 30, 2017

June's top neural circuit papers introduce new methods for non-invasively stimulating and labeling circuits, ferrying genes to central and peripheral circuits, and some really cool conceptual advances. The advances include circuit mechanisms for complex behaviors ranging from nicotine-seeking, wakefulness, face coding, motor control and sexual behaviors. Some of the conceptual advances show novel mechanisms for the way the gut communicates with the brain, and the way long-range signals from brain areas can influence neurogenesis. Enjoy the excellent neuroscience!  (This month's list goes all the way to 11!)

1. Noninvasive Deep Brain Stimulation via Temporally Interfering Electric Fields by Nir Grossman, David Bono, Nina Dedic, Suhasa B. Kodandaramaiah, Andrii Rudenko, Ho-Jun Suk, Antonino M. Cassara, Esra Neufeld, Niels Kuster, Li-Huei Tsai, Alvaro Pascual-Leone, Edward S. Boyden. Cell.

Temporal Interference allows selective, non-invasive, deep-brain stimulation in mouse hippocampus without stimulating the cerebral cortex! Read more here & here.

2. Dorsal-CA1 Hippocampal Neuronal Ensembles Encode Nicotine-Reward Contextual Associations by Li Xia, Stephanie K. Nygard, Gabe G. Sobczak, Nicholas J. Hourguettes, Michael R. Bruchas. Cell Reports.

This study links hippocampal CA1 activity to nicotine-seeking behavior, showing a circuit mechanism for a complex behavior related to addiction. Read more here & here.

Hippocampal Neuronal Ensembles Encode Nicotine-Reward Contextual Associations

3. Dorsal Raphe Dopamine Neurons Modulate Arousal and Promote Wakefulness by Salient Stimuli by Jounhong Ryan Cho, Jennifer B. Treweek, J. Elliott Robinson, Cheng Xiao, Lindsay R. Bremner, Alon Greenbaum, Viviana Gradinaru. Neuron.

How do we override the natural drive to sleep? Dopamine neurons called dorsal raphe nucleus neurons are key in the face of salient stimuli. Read more here & here.

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