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MIRA Platform

Multimodal Image Registration and Analysis

Integrated Imaging

for Maximal Insights

Combine miniscope with multiphoton or confocal imaging

MIRA Applications

The MIRA platform combines miniscope calcium imaging & laser scanning microscopes to provide a deeper level of insight into cellular identity by registering cells across imaging modalities. Supported applications combine free-behavior GCaMP imaging with dual-color, head-fixed imaging to gain additional information about cellular characteristics.

MIRA Science Applications

MIRA Workflow

By enabling multimodal data collection and registration of unique cells across data sets to integrate freely-behaving calcium imaging data with high-resolution multicolor data, the MIRA platform offers a unique imaging capability in circuit neuroscience.

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MIRA in Action

The MIRA platform has some key benefits that will maximize your cellular insights.

  • Combine the power of freely-behaving imaging with the precision of laser scanning microscopes 
  • Collect more information about the cells of interest with dual-color imaging
  • Compare calcium activity between freely-behaving and head-fixed conditions
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Learn more about the powerful imaging capability of the MIRA Platform

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