Integrated Imaging for Maximal Insights

The MIRA platform encompasses a hardware/software solution for co-registration of Inscopix miniscope imaged cells during free behavior with cells imaged through a laser scanning microscopes.

  • Combine the power of freely-behaving imaging with the precision of laser scanning microscopes
  • Collect more information about the cells of interest with dual-color imaging
  • Compare calcium activity between freely-behaving and head-fixed conditions
MIRA Circuit

MIRA Platform Applications

Combine free-behavior GCaMP imaging with dual-color, head-fixed imaging to gain additional information about cellular characteristics.

MIRA scientific Neurons

MIRA Platform Workflow

By enabling multimodal data collection and registration of unique cells across data sets to integrate freely-behaving calcium imaging data with high-resolution multicolor data, the MIRA platform offers a unique imaging capability in circuit neuroscience.

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