A Full Data Analysis Solution to a Common Challenge

IDEAS solves the bottlenecks of massive file organization and transfer, making data available in the cloud, across teams and collaborators. IDEAS offers turnkey processing and analysis workflows, transforming raw data to insights in minutes without hardware requirements, software installations, or programming skills.

The Inscopix Data Exploration, Analysis, and Sharing (IDEAS) Platform

The IDEAS platform is a full solution for circuit neuroscience data management and analysis, making it easy to combine and organize multimodal data, apply analysis workflows, and create data visualizations.

  • Explore and organize your results - securely upload, visualize, annotate, and store your data with ease

  • Analyze your data using prebuilt workflows and powerful cloud computing; no coding required

  • Share your ideas, workflows and results promoting scientific discovery

A Cloud-Based Multimodal Data Analysis Platform

Upload, annotate and store your data as Projects and Datasets in the cloud

Perform powerful analyses of your multimodal data in minutes using cloud computing resources

Explore your results with automated workflows correlating neural data with behavioral events

Share your data globally with collaborators improving productivity and reproducibility

Key Features


  1. Multimodal Data Tables-
    1. Query and filter data to create and save custom views of your multimodal data
    2. Quickly preview and explore movies, images, and results right in the tables
  2. Batch Processing- Set up data pipelines and batch execute Workflows in parallel on powerful cloud clusters, Organize results into data table for further curation and analysis

  3. Study Statistics- Use parametric and non-parametric tests to statistically compare results across experimental variables, Set up shuffles to create appropriate null distributions for testing specific hypotheses

  4. Figures & Reports- Build and export multi-panel figures that automatically update with new data, Graph statistical results (e.g. bar, scatter, line plots) & create full reports by combining figures with rich text editing

  5. Sharing- Selectively share data & results with team members & collaborators

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