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Due to the evolving COVID-19 global health crisis, most conferences and workshops in the coming months have been postponed or cancelled. Please check the status of individual events by contacting us or the event organizers.
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Date Upcoming Events
DECODE Summit 2020
Inscopix Webinar: Cell-Type Specific Miniscope Imaging Strategies in Freely Behaving Rats
SfN Global Connectome 2021

The DECODE Grant Program

DECODE Awards Ceremony, Nov 2014, Washington, DC. DECODE Awardees with Guest of Honor, the then NIMH Director, Dr. Thomas Insel (center), Inscopix CEO, Dr. Kunal Ghosh, and Scientific co-founder, Dr. Mark Schnitzer (Far Left).

DECODE stands for Deciphering the Neural Circuit Basis of Disease. In 2014, Inscopix established the $2 Million DECODE Grant Program, to support President Obama’s “All Hands on Deck” call to action for the BRAIN Initiative. The scientific mission of the program is to accelerate the discovery of circuit-based biomarkers of brain diseases. 12 investigators  were selected by an all-star panel of basic and translational neuroscientists and awarded in-kind grants of Inscopix’s brain imaging systems, training workshops, and scientific support.

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The DECODE Summit

In 2016, Inscopix convened the DECODE Summit to reflect on the progress made by the DECODE Awardees and to foster a focused discussion with thought leaders on the promise and challenges of translating circuit-level research insights into breakthrough diagnostics, treatments, and cures for brain disorders. The Summit was attended by top leadership from academia, industry, government, and the non-profit sector who participated through scientific presentations, keynote panels, and breakout sessions.

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Supporting One Mind Rising Star Awardees


Congratulations to Dr. Susanne Ahmari, winner of the 2018 One Mind / Janssen Rising Star Translational Research Award with an Inscopix technology supplement. Dr. Ahmari intends to use the technology supplement grant, comprising our state-of-the-art nVoke miniature microscope system, to map patterns of neural activity related to compulsive behaviors in mouse models of OCD.

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