Chromatone is a multiscope for simultaneous multicolor imaging & multi-opsin stimulation in the brain or spinal cord.

The Chromatone system offers an integrated, multi-dimensional approach for simultaneous calcium imaging and optogenetic stimulation in freely behaving animals to observe, manipulate, and dissect greater mechanistic insights into physiology and behavior.

  • Image and/or stimulate up to four brain or spinal cord fields of view (FOV) simultaneously within a session
  • Image using both Green and Red Fluorescent Proteins in an FOV, and simultaneously stimulate the same FOV with Excitatory/Inhibitory ChannelRhodopsins and Red-shifted opsins
  • Examine the impact of optogenetic manipulation on free behavior and map direct, causal effects on various downstream network dynamics
Chromatone System

Special Multiscope Applications

Advanced integrated imaging applications for your neuroscience research

Multiscope Data Processing

Chromatone Analyzer

Customize your multiscope Ca2+ imaging and optogenetic data protocols with Imaging Analyser Software

  • Live stream and simultaneously record and differentiate Ca2+ dynamics using GFPs and RFPs, control sophisticated optogenetic tools, illumination levels, pulse protocols, and behavior synchronization; identify active neurons and manually extract ROIs from each multiscope FOV
  • Control RGB channels simultaneously and independently during imaging and stimulation in each implanted region
  • Every ROI detected as a candidate neuron in each session is saved automatically, enabling multiple, longitudinal recordings of the same FOV

The Multiscope Solution

Advanced customizable solutions to enable your multi-region imaging during free behavior easier.

Lenses and Accessories

Achieve Ca2+ imaging results quickly with customizable GRIN lens connectors as a packaged solution for multiscope imaging. The Piccolo lens holder accessory ensures reproducible imaging success.


Device Synchronization

CHRONOSync – A synchronization and time tagging device for multiple events during a behavioral experiment. Compatible with the Quartet and Chromatone system, any behavioral, ephys system, or camera of choice.

Multiscope Support

Service and Support

Support services for Quartet and Chromatone systems include: hands-on-surgical training, neuronal trace extraction support, and device synchronization with other behavior equipment.

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