Dr. Ashley Ingiosi Talk About Biology of Brain While Sleeping

A postdoctoral researcher in Marcos Frank's lab, she discusses her work examining astroglial biology in sleep and sleep homeostasis.

Sushmitha Gururaj | September 29, 2020

Recent breakthroughs in optical-based imaging in nonhuman primates promise to fundamentally advance our understanding of brain…

Jonathan Nassi and Eric Trautmann | June 17, 2021

Since this is my first blog post, I think a brief introduction is in order! I am currently the Director of Translational Science…

Jonathan Nassi | April 28, 2020
Enabling Circuit-Level Functional Readouts

Believe it or not, this post was on our editorial calendar way back in January, and not even in our wildest imagination had we…

Sushmitha Gururaj | March 31, 2020

We're two months into 2020 and our beloved circuit neuroscience community has already served up so many treats that we're…

Sushmitha Gururaj | March 2, 2020

President Obama's new $100 million brain research initiative taps several Stanford scientists

President Barack Obama announced today a bold research initiative aimed at developing new technologies and methods for understanding the human brain. Several Stanford…

Inscopix | March 4, 2013
New Technologies, Neural Circuits - News Service

Researchers Develop Way To Read Minds of Mice

STANFORD, Calif. -- It's not quite mind-reading, but it may be the closest scientists have ever come. Stanford researchers have found a way to watch what's happening…

Inscopix | February 28, 2013
Brain of a Mouse

Inscopix Inc. and SRI International to Collaborate on Brain Imaging R&D

PALO ALTO Calif., Oct. 12, 2012  - Inscopix, Inc. and SRI International today announced a collaborative neuroscience imaging R&D program. Researchers from Inscopix…

Inscopix | December 10, 2012
Brain Imaging

The View From Here

Unbounded creativity—and powerful computers—make possible the latest devices designed to peer into the deepest recesses of organs and cells.  

Inscopix | October 10, 2012
Reach of Microscopes

NEUROSCIENCE / MICROSCOPY / OPTOGENETICS: New technologies for neuroimaging at Neuroscience 2012

The neurotechnology industry—comprising devices, diagnostics, and drugs targeting the brain and the rest of the nervous system—grew 5.6% in 2011 to $158.6 billion in…

Inscopix | February 11, 2012
Fluorescence Microscope 

Miniature microscopes capture neurons in action

Scientists have developed a miniature fluorescence microscope small enough to implant in the head of a living mouse and gather images from its brain without hindering…

Inscopix | December 9, 2011
Miniature Fluorescence Microscope Today in Nature Methods1

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