Dr. Ashley Ingiosi Talk About Biology of Brain While Sleeping

A postdoctoral researcher in Marcos Frank's lab, she discusses her work examining astroglial biology in sleep and sleep homeostasis.

Sushmitha Gururaj | September 29, 2020

Recent breakthroughs in optical-based imaging in nonhuman primates promise to fundamentally advance our understanding of brain…

Jonathan Nassi and Eric Trautmann | June 17, 2021

Since this is my first blog post, I think a brief introduction is in order! I am currently the Director of Translational Science…

Jonathan Nassi | April 28, 2020
Enabling Circuit-Level Functional Readouts

Believe it or not, this post was on our editorial calendar way back in January, and not even in our wildest imagination had we…

Sushmitha Gururaj | March 31, 2020

We're two months into 2020 and our beloved circuit neuroscience community has already served up so many treats that we're…

Sushmitha Gururaj | March 2, 2020

Miniature fluorescence microscopy platform for imaging neural circuits launches commercially

Inscopix (Palo Alto, CA) has brought its nVista brain imaging platform—which can view upwards of 1000 neurons simultaneously in one field of view—to market. Originally…

Lee Dubay | April 8, 2016

Inscopix is proud to be the Corporate Sponsor of the April 7th Art Live Lounge fundraiser for the Global Fund for Women

Women in science and industry face unique challenges, from finding rewarding careers in a tough economic climate, to achieving tenure and leadership roles in high…

Inscopix | April 5, 2016
Art Live Lounge fundraiser for the Global Fund for Women

Inscopix Exits Early Access Phase to Publicly Launch End-to-End Platform for Imaging Neural Circuit Activity

PALO ALTO, Calif., April 4, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- Inscopix Inc., today announced the commercial launch of its nVista brain imaging platform to the neuroscience research…

Inscopix | April 5, 2016
 Neural Circuit Activity

Inscopix prepares for new era in neuroscience

Mapping neuron activity in live animals is a key step for researchers, but now industry needs to play its part. Fluorescence microscopy has been a key enabling…

Tim Hayes | March 30, 2016
Fluorescence microscopy

Top five behavioral neuroscience paradigms

How does the nervous system guide/produce specific behaviors? Over the years, neuroscientists have relied on behavioral paradigms to understand the brain’s control of…

Swagata Basu | March 4, 2016
Brain’s Control of Behavior in Humans & Animals

Large-scale neuronal recording in the hippocampus

At the pre-meeting symposium at SfN 2015, Inscopix hosted Dr. Howard Eichenbaum, Director of the Center for Memory and Brain at Boston University, who presented his…

Swagata Basu | January 21, 2016
Neuronal Recording in the Hippocampus

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