Blood Flow Imaging with Inscopix Miniscopes

The Inscopix nVueTM system that was released last year has been a game changer for the in-vivo freely behaving imaging…

Srishti Gulati | May 11, 2022

How do we steadily recognize environments we are in while experiencing joy or possibly trauma? A recent publication by Dr. Kyogo…

Mariko Nishibe | March 28, 2023
Decoding Calcium Dynamics

In an innovative new publication from the Anderson lab at Caltech, ‘An approximate line attractor in the hypothalamus encodes an…

Peter Schuette | January 13, 2023

Shay Neufeld, PhD is the Director of Data Products and Analytics at Inscopix, where he oversees a team of computational…

Shay Neufeld | December 2, 2021
Inscopix CNMF-E

Recent breakthroughs in optical-based imaging in nonhuman primates promise to fundamentally advance our understanding of brain…

Jonathan Nassi and Eric Trautmann | June 17, 2021
A deeper dive with photons

The Inscopix DECODE Summit Videos are Open!

The DECODE Summit videos feature thought leaders discussing scientific, technological and ecosystem challenges facing the scientific community, industry, nonprofits, and…

Jami L. Milton | November 21, 2016
Inscopix Logo

Inscopix Makes 2016 Deloitte Technology Fast 500™ List

We are so proud to announce that Inscopix has been named to the 2016 Deloitte Technology Fast 500™ List! The brain needs champions, and our inclusion in this year’s list…

Kunal Ghosh | November 16, 2016
Inscopix Logo

Integrated Optogenetics and Calcium Imaging in One Tiny Microscope, nVoke

It’s been an exciting Neuroscience 2016. The community has presented over 30 talks and posters featuring Inscopix technology, and there are now over 20 publications. We’…

Jami L. Milton | November 15, 2016
Integrated Optogenetics and Calcium Imaging in One Tiny Microscope

The DECODE Summit: A Multi-Stakeholder Gathering on the Translational Value of Neural Circuit Research

“Progress in science depends on new techniques, new discoveries, and new ideas, probably in that order.” – Sydney Brenner It was an honor and privilege to have hosted…

Kunal Ghosh | November 1, 2016
DECODE Summit Gathering on the Translational Value of Neural Circuit Research

On the Road to The White House Frontiers Conference

Three years ago, President Obama announced the White House BRAIN Initiative. It was a moment I’ll never forget. In an instant, the President of the United States made…

Kunal Ghosh | October 13, 2016
White House Frontiers Conference

Neural Circuits of Social Memory

You know that situation when you run into someone from your past, but it takes a while to register how you know them? I had this experience a couple of weeks ago at the…

Jami L. Milton | October 11, 2016
Neural Circuits of Social Memory
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