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Challenges in Neuroscience and Publishing

Jami L. Milton | July 13, 2017

Have the issues around scientific publishing changed over the past decade? As always, there's a drive to publish in what are considered the top journals. Funding, tenure…

Must-Read Neural Circuit Papers in June 2017

Jami L. Milton | June 30, 2017

June's top neural circuit papers introduce new methods for non-invasively stimulating and labeling circuits, ferrying genes to central and peripheral circuits, and some…

Deep Brain Stimulation via Temporally Interfering Electric Fields

Podcast with Theoretical Neuroscientist Surya Ganguli

Jami L. Milton | June 26, 2017

We've launched a new podcast series in which we interview leading scientists about the latest in neuroscience and neurotechnology. In our inaugural podcast, I had the…

Fine Art Fuses with Neuroscience in the Work of Greg Dunn

Jami L. Milton | June 16, 2017

Everyone who has seen the cells that make up the brain knows how intricate and delicate they are, like the finest filigree nature has ever made. As a graduate student in…

nVista Imaging in Cortex: A How-to JoVE Video Protocol

Srishti Gulati | June 14, 2017

Imaging calcium (Ca2+)-dependent neuronal activity with a head mounted miniaturized microscope is a revolutionary technique to study the brain in action. This incredible…

How-to JoVE Video Protocol

Optogenetics, Opsins and nVoke

Swagata Basu | June 13, 2017

Opsins are transmembrane proteins and a fundamental component of the optogenetic toolkit. As optogenetics actuators, opsins modify the activity of cells in which they…


Hippocampal Circuits Play Critical Role in Nicotine Seeking Behavior

Jami L. Milton | June 6, 2017

Addiction is surging in the United States. We’re all aware of the current news on the opioid crisis, and at least one in every 10 American adult is addicted to drugs or…

Neural Circuits in the Hippocampus when Mice Freely Behave

Must-Read Neural Circuit Papers in May 2017

Jami L. Milton | June 2, 2017

We perused the journals for neural circuit research papers so all you have to do is click on the link below, if a paper interests you. The month of May started out slow…

Jami L. Milton

A Novel Neural Circuit for Birdsong Learning

Jami L. Milton | May 31, 2017

When I applied to graduate school in neuroscience back in the day, most of my cohort didn’t quite know which lab they wanted to join, but I was crystal clear about …

Neural Circuit for Birdsong Learning

Must-Read Neural Circuit Papers in April 2017

Jami L. Milton | May 4, 2017

I first began studying neural circuits in Ed Callaway’s lab at the Salk Institute, even before his group was doing viral tracing studies. To map functional circuits, we…

Engrams and circuits crucial for systems consolidation of a memory

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