What is nVista HD?

nVista HD is the first end-to-end solution for visualizing large-scale neural circuit dynamics in freely behaving animals.  With nVista HD, neuroscientists can ask entirely new questions about how neural circuits shape behavior. Today, nVista HD systems are generating transformative data sets at leading research institutions worldwide.

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nVista HD System Features & Highlights

Selected ICs

Large Field of View

Image the activity of 1,000+ neurons in a single field of view.

Single-Cell Resolution

Record spiking activity from individual neurons in real-time.

Natural Animal Behavior

Perform brain imaging in freely moving animals.

Freely Behaving Mouse

Experimental Flexibility

  • Easily target deep brain regions with customized optical implants.
  • Leverage standard behavioral assays.
  • Image common fluorescence labels and genetically-encoded calcium indicators.

nVista HD System Package Includes

Miniature, Integrated Fluorescence Microscope

 All specifications are approximate.

nVista HD

Miniature Microscope Specifications  
Mass 2 g
Dimensions (W x L x H) 11 mm x 14 mm x 20 mm
Modality Single-channel epifluorescence
Excitation 475/10 nm (blue)
Collection 535/50 nm (green)
Cable Length 2.5 m


Integrated High-Definition Camera Specifications  
Maximum field of view

1440 pixels x 1080 pixels

900 μm x 650 μm

Temporal resolution

30 fps* at full field of view

*computer dependent


DaQ Box

The data acquisition hardware is built to seamlessly integrate with current behavioral assays. With a size and weight equivalent to two decks of cards, it is easy to set up in any laboratory environment.

  • Stream HD videos in real time
  • Sync and trigger functionality to pair with external behavioral recording
  • Compact, durable, and portable

Data Acquisition Software

We have focused on user experience from the beginning, especially when designing our software. The first version of the acquisition software was built with simplicity in mind. In the updated V2.0, we are keeping that simplicity and adding powerful features that help reduce experiment set-up and screening times. We are nearing release of our Mosaic analysis software, so you can extract relavent data easier and faster.

nVista HD Acquisition Software Screenshot

  • Easily set up and use the nVista HD.
  • Pre-screen your animals with streaming ΔF/F and live time-traces of select regions of interest.
  • Automate experiments with customizable recording schedules.
  • Keep track of your experiment with automated system logs and timestamped note taking.


Mosaic Software Screenshot

  • Watch and edit your recordings.
  • Apply spatial and temporal downsampling to speed up data processing.
  • Crop, concatenate, trim, export, and save data.
  • Correct for the effects of motion in the brain during imaging.
  • Calculate the relative change in fluorescence.

Microendoscopes and Accessories

Inscopix provides an assortment of microendoscope options to best suit your deep brain imaging application. If you need a configuration other than those listed here, please contact our Sales team with your desired specifications. The following configurations are currently available:

 Part # Diameter Length (approximate)
GLP-1042 1.0 mm 4.0 mm
GLP-0672 0.6 mm 7.3 mm
GLP-0561 0.5 mm 6.1 mm
GLP-0580 0.5 mm 8.4 mm

In Vivo Brain Imaging Starter Kit

Included with each nVista HD system. The In Vivo Brain Imaging Starter Kit comprises:

  • (3) GLP-1042 Microendoscopes
  • (3) Guide Cannulae and Sleeves
  • (3) Microscope Baseplates
  • (3) Microscope Baseplate Covers
  • (1) Dummy Microscope
  • (1) Gripper
  • (1) Adjustment Tool / Wrench (not shown)

nVista HD Support

Our clients are pushing the boundaries of neuroscience, performing important research that advances our collective understanding of the inner workings of the brain. At Inscopix, we are dedicated to supporting our clients, answering their questions, and preparing materials that will accelerate their discoveries.

Working on support protocols in the lab

nVista HD Support Program

  • Priority technical and scientific support via phone and email
  • Access to Online Support Center for technical and application support resources

One-Year Manufacturing Warranty

  • Covering all parts and labor for any manufacturing-related defect
  • Rapid turnaround on repairs
  • Free shipping to and from Inscopix

As part of our aim to provide the best customer service possible to our user community, we have prepared an online repository of documents, application notes, and video tutorials focused on the nVista HD system, analysis software, and applications. Here you will find comprehensive user guides, application notes on system operations and maintenance, detailed protocols outlining experimental techniques, (e.g. installation of the cannula lens, and setting up the system in vivo). This online repository is ever growing as we improve and expand software and application techniques and receive feedback from our users.

Sample Experiment Workflow

Time to Imaging: 3—5 Weeks

Installation Diagram

1. Introduce Indicator

Introduce indicators of cellular activity to populations of interest using viral and/or transgenic technologies.

2. Enable Optical Access

Surgically position endoscope directly above labeled cells.

3. Install nVista HD

Position the nVista system microscope above the endoscope. Fine-tune the alignment to optimize image quality and preserve it by affixing the system baseplate to the skull.

Perform Imaging Experiments

4. Perform Imaging Experiments

Stream HD videos of large-scale neural circuit activity from freely behaving rodents.