Visualize Brain Circuits During Natural Behavior

nVista HD Streams Live HD Video of Large-Scale Neural Activity in Naturally-Behaving Animals

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   Neuroscience Early Access Program

Inscopix's Neuroscience Early Access Program (NEAP) provides researchers an opportunity to address new paradigms in brain science. If you are interested in getting Early Access to nVista HD, please submit the NEAP application form.

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 What is nVista HD?

nVista HD is the first end-to-end solution for visualizing large-scale neural circuit dynamics in freely behaving rodents.  With nVista HD, neuroscientists can ask entirely new questions about how neural circuits shape mammalian behavior. These transformative data sets will lead to a better understanding of the brain and brain disease.

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"Everything is working great. Microscopes and the software work well and the data look awesome. GCaMP6s responses are through the roof. The new Mosaic software for data analysis is amazing and makes our life much easier. Hope that the next version will be able to compose and submit manuscripts all by itself."

Nikita Rudinskiy, PhD
Research Fellow in Neurology at Massachusetts General Hospital